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4 Keys Needed to Succeed in 2021

There are four key ingredients for success.  Let’s face it, there are like 4,000 ingredients for success.  There’s hootsba, dedication, discipline, desire, and the list goes on and on.  Let’s talk about the four ingredients that can absolutely make or break your success depending on whether you do them or not.

In the Inc. Magazine article “Bill Gates Said Warren Buffett Helped Him Define Success in a New Way. Here It Is in a Few Words”, Bill Gates tells how Warren Buffett defines success. Gates said, “[Buffett’s] measure of success is, ‘Do the people you care about love you back?'”  So clearly there are many ways you can define success.

Here we’ll define it as accomplishing something you are meant to be.  We are talking PURPOSE here, people!  The real reason you are meant to walk the planet.  Sadly, many people spend their whole lives not fulfilling their purpose.  Those very same people also ask, “Why am I here?” all the while nudging their purpose right off the bed as they pull the covers back over their face.

The four elements we’ll cover today are vision, strategy, goals, and actions.  These ingredients facilitate your success.  They are the vehicle for your success, but without the ‘gas’ your care will go nowhere.  You have to bring the desire (the gas for this car) into the picture.

The good news is your desire shines through when you connect with your purpose.  That’s where Vision comes in.

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