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3 Tips To Enjoy Milestones Without Getting Overwhelmed

enjoy-milestonesHow to Enjoy Milestones

I’m writing this from the parking lot of the Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Today, my Pop graduates from Liberty University. I’m waiting for him to arrive from the University Commencement Ceremony.  Here at this church, there will be a ceremony to honor he and his classmates for graduation from seminary.

What a milestone! At age 70, my dad will finally achieve his dream of graduating from college. Wow!

This weekend is full of milestones. Last night my daughter had her first Formal Dance at her school.  A real tear-jerker of Joy for her mom and I and a very important milestone for her too.

And yes. Tomorrow’s Mother’s Day. People have been asking all week how in the world I am doing all of this? Short answer? I really don’t know. Good planning maybe?

I have also been asked why I didn’t say no to one of the three groups.  Waw it an inability to say no or just an anxious desire to be involved in everything? Let’s find out.  Also, at the end, I’ll talk about how clarity of life’s purpose can guide you.

1.) What Do You Want To Remember?

Knowing why a milestone is important to you may sound basic, but how often have you stopped to think about it?  If it is a First Formal for your 7th-grade daughter, what do you want to remember?  If we don’t stop to think about these milestones like these, we are destined to feel like Steve Martin in Father of the Bride.

He had gotten so wrapped up in making things perfect that he almost missed the moment that he wanted to remember forever… Dancing with his daughter at her wedding.

Often, people focus on the things that “need” to happen and not on the moments they want to remember.  Take time to focus on what you want to take away from the event.  What is it that you want to remember.

Now make it real.  Write it down. Pray about it or meditate on it. But you have to know it. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself moving cars at the wedding reception and not dancing the night away.

2.) What Will They Remember?

You cannot force people to remember things. Ask any second-grade math teacher.  I don’t mean you should manipulate circumstances or intentionally misremember events.  Think long and hard about what you’d like someone to remember from the milestone.

Whether the milestone is a graduation, a retirement party, or a baby shower, there are things you control that can assist in making a memory.

What do you want others to remember about the event? Capitalize on the idea of a theme. Accomplishment or joy.  Maybe it’s honor or resolve.  Pick a theme of the event and begin there.  For example, last night watching my daughter walk into the school dance with here buddies was bittersweet, but joy and excitement were the themes of the night.

I wanted her to remember the excitement of getting all dressed up and having fun.  That was the theme. That certainly fits with her expectations based on our chat ahead of time. Which was the point.

Make sure YOU align your expectations with the person of honor for the event.  Otherwise,  you become the overbearing know-it-all that gets in the way.  This is their time right now (hearing the Goonies dialogue playing in my head as I type).

3.) What Needs To Happen or Needs To Not Happen?

Now that you know what you want others to remember and what you want to remember it is time to start thinking about the “HOW” of the situation.

As I said earlier, people get tangled in the “how to do this” WAY too early and miss the “why to do this” of the milestone altogether. That’s not you though… right?  The how is important, but the “why” you are doing this has to come first.

Identify the possible derailment risks such as…

Uncle Charlie who always gets drunk and smashes stuff. Or that negative thing your cousin always says to get under your skin.  Both great examples of things that can derail you and your efforts to make this a memorable occasion.

The biggest derailment risk is NOT the things others do. The biggest derailment risk to your mission is how you react to them.

Think ahead of time of what the derailment risks are and how you will respond; not react.

Get Clear On Your Purpose

Knowing your life’s purpose not only gives you a sense of peace and fulfillment when you are serving your purpose. Your purpose becomes your guide for all questions and actions. All responses and choices.

Knowing your purpose is like having a guiding light to walk a dark path.

If you want help identifying your purpose reach out to me.

As a Coach, I help people who have been successful in one area of their life, for example… work, get clear on their purpose so they can be fulfilled and successful in all areas of life and achieve their dreams.  If you want to know more use the button below to ask me your question.

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Ryan McKinney

Ryan McKinney

Ryan is a leadership coach, sought after speaker, and transformational workshop facilitator. He works with highly successful business leaders to develop discipline, enhance leadership, and build confidence so they can enjoy the success they deserve without giving up what they want most.

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