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When asked about my “go to” websites for manly man things I think immediately about the ones in this list.  There’s a little DIY, a little entrepreneurship, a little fatherhood, a little manliness, and a little bit of Sunday School. Some are podcasts some are websites and some are YouTube channels.  Here are a handful of great resources for you to sip your morning coffee with. For now sip it to this article. It’s important to plug into resources for your man-ness.  The world we live in today would like you to forget you are a man sometimes.  That may be because so many men before did a really lousy job at actually being a man. That’s not you.  You’ve made a choice.  A choice to be more and expect more.  That’s why you’re here. Hopefully you came for these resources.  If not, this will get awkward pretty quick. Whether you’re a fitness geek or a biblical scholar, you will be able to talk away something. Let’s talk about why they are in my toolkit and what you should expect to get out of each one.

1. Man Made DIY
Working on projects is a great way to illuminate that part of your manliness that finds value in fixing something.  That sense of accomplishment and completion. I refer to this a couple of times in my “101 Ways To Be A Better Man”.  My friend Greg C. used to say he loved cutting his grass because he could start, finish, and see progress all in one day. Small projects give a sense of accomplishment that cannot be replaced.  Man Made DIY gives some ideas and it’s a fun read. They also get into some personal development articles.  Here’s a personal project article about how to build a Custom Copper Pipe Lamp.  Pretty cool stuff.

2. The Art of Manliness Hands down the best title for a blog/podcast (blogcast?).  The curated content on this site is fantastic. From topics like “Quit Being A Pushover: How to Be Assertive” to “How to Break Through a Push-up Plateau” TAOM has you covered. As you know I am always listening to some podcast or book in the car.  The fact that TAOM has a podcast is great for that reason. Interesting topics. Easy to consume. I find things all the time to try. (some stick). The fact that this content is free is amazing considering how good it is. (Podcast and Blog).

3. AlphaM I found this guy last year.  Alpha M, a.k.a. Aaron Marino is a YouTuber that runs several businesses.  Maybe he’s an entrepreneur that has a YouTube Channel.  Either way, this guys is off the chain good at relating to guys on normal guy stuff. He talks about confidence, style, and men’s issues.  His YouTube Channel is a lot of fun and with 5-6 minute videos, they are easy to consume.  He is an entrepreneur and most of his videos have a sponsor. He has his own hair care product called Pete & Pedro.  I have never tried it although it gets rave reviews. The videos are free, but he will work a sponsor into his lists.  Still worth watching. Make sure to subscribe. You can join the other 5 million guys who just get it. He’s not afraid to poke a little fun at himself and his YouTube Thumbnails show it.  There are even videos of people watching his videos. Meta.

4. Side Hustle School

While we are talking about great podcasts we have to mention Chris Guillebeau’s podcast Side Hustle School.  Chris is the author of The $100 Start Up and the “Impact Summit”. His podcast is essentially stories of the people that have made it with their Side Hustle or moonlighting gig.  The people’s stories are real and at the writing of this post, he has about 740 consecutive days of podcasting. From selling scrunchies to setting up a blog there are all kinds of stories that inspire people to get going on their Side Hustle. His idea is not for you to quit your job, but for you to try something that you are inspired to do.  It may just become your next career.

5. Daily Audio Bible

Also a podcast. SHOCKER!  I have been a subscriber for nine years.  Brian Hardin reads from four different parts of the Bible each day for a full revolution through the Bible in a year.  The Scriptures are rich with lessons and Brian adds to that with his “talk” in the middle. The format rounds out with a community of listeners calling in prayer requests and prayers for each other. To support the podcasts expenses Brian does offer a way to give and there is a shop to get some pretty cool resources at  That doesn’t affect the price of the podcast (*Free).   It is truly something to see… well… hear. Listening in the car or on a run has been a great experience for me.  I new episode every day means you are always learning and always immersed in the Bible.  Great experience. I recommend this as one of the “101 Ways to Be A Better Man”.

6. Jocko Podcast – Jocko Willink

Jocko also runs a podcast that is quite entertaining and informative.  It does run a little long, but it’s better than NPR. Jocko is clearly opinionated and his leadership is undeniable.  Neither is his love for our country. There is some “language” that comes through from time to time on this one. Jocko is the quintessential Navy Seal.  Former Commander of Task Unit Bruiser, he is also the co-owner of Echelon Front Consulting.  He and Leif Babin who also served with him are the authors of Extreme Ownership and The Dichotomy of Leadership. In addition to the books he has co-authored with Leif, Jocko has also written two children’s book that addressed children feeling weak and work ethic called Way of the Warrior Kid and Mikey and the Dragons (which I haven’t read… yet). Use the links to see what others are saying or get the books.


I hate not using my time wisely.  I love Audible for that reason.  Spending time in traffic seems like such a waste. That’s why I love Audible.  Listen to a book while commuting.  Learning something new and makes my drive enjoyable. I realize this one is cheating a little because it really opens the door for tons of resources.  I wanted to make sure I share it because using this link you get two free audiobooks to try.  Use it to get one of the books I talked about our get a Charles Dickens novel.


Dave Ramsey is famous for eating beans and rice AND going from bankrupt to millionaire debt free.  He is also famous for helping millions of people get out of debt using his Debt Snowball. Our family is close to the debt-free dream even though we haven’t followed it to the letter all the time. Practical financial tips are spewed forth on each episode.  So is a little tough love. You will even hear some screams.  They are the known as the Debt Free Scream of people that have finally paid off their last debts.  Using the principles in the Total Money Makeover millions have become debt free.  Is it your turn?
PRO TIP: Get the text version of this book even if you download the audio version.  The reference material is worth getting both.
There you have it.  Not every resource known to man, but definitely eight solid ones.  I’m curious what resources you’ve found to share with the community?  Did you know about all of these? Do you have some you would share in the comments?  Let ‘er rip! The suggestions… not… well… nevermind.

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