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Hello World! – Meet “Living Third”!

I’m Ryan and this is my blog, “Living Third”. I’m a regular guy with an awesome family. I believe in living third.

Living third is a concept I learned from F3. It simply means put God first, others second, and live third.

I believe that every man has the potential to be more than he currently is. To live into his purpose and feel fulfilled. I also believe I am called to encourage and inspire guys to strive for being better.

I write about men’s leadership from a Christian perspective. Things like, how to be a better husband, dad, and leader in your business and personal life.

“I’ve read dozens of books about heroes and crooks and I’ve learned much from both of their styles.”

Jimmy Buffet

Taking all the help I can get, I am constantly hunting down leadership advice, mentoring techniques, solid productivity hacks and chasing the fitness goals that help me be a better me. I like sharing those ideas with guys just like you.

Whether you are looking to fulfill your purpose, be a better husband or a better father you will find something here.

Maybe you want to lead better at work or home. Maybe you want to finish that 5k, half marathon, or tough mudder. Whatevs… If you are thinking about stepping up, you just found your tribe.

On my YouTube channel Meet The McKinneys  I share videos about similar things. Worth a peek. It’s about the same thing and I will probably be changing the name soon.

Thanks for checking out the blog. I’m excited to start sharing my ideas and the little truth nuggets that’ll help us both be better husbands, fathers, and leaders for those around us.



Ryan McKinney

Ryan McKinney

Ryan is a leadership coach, sought after speaker, and transformational workshop facilitator. He works with highly successful business leaders to develop discipline, enhance leadership, and build confidence so they can enjoy the success they deserve without giving up what they want most.

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