Breakthrough Performance Coaching for Small Business Owners

Running a successful business doesn't have to be hard

Ready to grow your business, take home more money, and have more freedom?

Over 40 proven strategies for your business to unlock hidden profits, scale, and create more time to enjoy doing what you love.

See how your business stacks up with the top strategies successful businesses are using.

Getting Started Is Simple

1.) Connect

First, schedule a Connection Call.
This is a 30 minute, no-cost connection call. We will get to know each other and assess your needs. Then you will decide whether moving forward together is right for you.

2.) Discover

Next, we do a Breakthrough Discovery. Here we identify blind spots and bright spots. You'll walk away with clear actions to unlock hidden profits, grow your business, and enjoy more freedom.

3.) Optimize Your Business

Together we will decide on the right level of support for you. Using the Breakthrough Blueprint framework we'll outline your unique plan and get to work. You'll be energized, organized, on your way to more profit & freedom.

"Taking imperfect action leads to clarity."

Could you really be leaving money on the table?

40% of small businesses are profitable. That means 60% are fighting to make a buck but never do. We believe that’s not because the 60% have a bad business, but because they are leaking profit.

Common Profit Leaks:

  • Spending on multiple resources to obtain leads with too few results
  • Paying too much for overhead
  • Unclear on true costs
  • Incorrect pricing
  • Not understanding Costs of Goods Sold
  • Lack of focus on what actually is working

Want some help on where you could be leaking profit?

Optimizing Growth

"I'm optimizing growth, right?"

Most small businesses that struggle to scale report not having enough time to work ON the business. What keeps most business owners distracted?

Common distractions from business growth:

  • Stagnant profit margins
  • Inconsistent cashflow
  • Stalled expansions
  • Keeping up with demand
  • High turnover
  • Low productivity
  • Poor leadership

It makes perfect sense why it’s difficult to grow. 

Leaders set the tone.

Becoming a more confident and capable leader is how you make informed decisions that drive your business forward.

Top challenges for small business leaders: 

  • Long hours
  • Family stress
  • Ongoing stress
  • Lost growth opportunities
  • Low levels of personal development

Improving your leadership skills supports happy families, healthy businesses, and thriving employees.

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